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Tuition Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

‘Child’ means the child who is registered to attend 11+ lessons;
‘Client’ means the parent or guardian of a Child registered to attend tuition lessons;
‘SC’ means Sue Chapman Tuition (sole trader)

  1. Parties
    This agreement is between the Client and SC.
  2. Safety

3.1 The Client shall ensure that he or she or, where relevant, the person with responsibility to drop off and pick up the Child to and from the tuition lessons or the mock exam location shall:

3.1.1 ensure that the child has been to the toilet before the lesson as some of our locations can have other people using the venue and it is not possible to escort children to the toilet and leave the remainder of the group unsupervised;

3.1.2 drop off the Child to the supervision of the teacher responsible for the Child’s lesson at the beginning of the session when the teaching room is opened and not before; and

3.1.3 collect the Child from the teacher responsible for the Child’s lesson at the end of the session from the teaching room or the entry point to the building as requested.

3.1.4 The Child should not enter or leave the building without the supervision of the Client or the person with responsibility to drop off and pick up the Child.


  1. Medical conditions, medications and treatments

4.1 At the point of registration, the Client shall inform SC if the Child has or suffers from any medical injury, condition (including any allergies) or disability that ought to be brought to the attention of SC so that an assessment of the Child’s needs can be properly made.

4.2 If SC is informed that a Child attending a lesson has an allergy, the teacher will, if specifically instructed by the Client, take reasonable precautions to protect that pupil from exposure to the cause of the allergy, but SC cannot guarantee non-exposure.


  1. Cancellation by the Client

5.1 SC understands that the Client’s circumstances may change and SC will seek to accommodate the Client where possible.

5.2 If a client wishes to cancel lessons, he/she is free to terminate tuition at any time and will be refunded for any future lessons that have already paid for, but which the Client no longer requires.

5.3 As demand is extremely high for 11+ lessons, non-attended lessons will not generate a refund but lesson materials can be worked through at home instead.


  1. Payment terms

6.1 If payment is not received by the due date, SC reserves the right to suspend tuition services until the invoice is paid in full. Once full payment has been made, SC will provide copies of any lessons missed, to work through in the Client’s own time.


  1. Cancellation or Amendment by SC

7.1 At any time on or prior to the date on which the lessons run, SC reserves the right to cancel:

7.1.1 the lesson; in such circumstances Y5 parents will be able to access the online videos for that lesson and would only be charged the remote tuition price for that lesson.  Y4 parents would be refunded in full for the missed lesson.

7.1.2 the Child’s place at tuition.  In the unlikely event that a Child’s behaviour is assessed as unsatisfactory or is affecting the learning of others in the group, the Client will be informed immediately in order to prompt corrective action.  Should the situation continue unresolved SC will reserve the right to suspend tuition of that Child and a full refund of any remaining lessons (already paid for) would be issued.

Please note: these clarifications have been stated so that the Client understands their rights when registering for lessons with SC.  Every effort is made to ensure that all lessons run as timetabled to avoid any disappointment or inconvenience.


  1. Data Protection

8.1 We will use the personal data that you give us to:

8.1.1 provide the session; and

8.1.2 inform you about similar products and services offered by SC.

8.2 We may store personal data in hard or electronic form and it may be accessed by other members of the SC network. We will not give, or provide access to, personal data to any third party.


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Important Note

We provide tuition in a number of locations for children from Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Stratford Upon Avon  and the surrounding villages.

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