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“I would highly recommend Sue Chapman Tuition”

Sarah Chislett – May 2019

Your style really suited Jessica and she was ready for the order and pace when she started with you this time last year. Her knowledge and skills improved exponentially and by the time of the exam she was 100% prepared.

Jenny Johnson

October 2019

Thank you for everything you and Sue have done, you’ve given a lad with no confidence a chance to shine.

Jennifer Tabb

October 2019

Amar has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Becky, found them fun and interactive. The content has been very helpful.

Kiran Majevadia

October 2019

We have been so impressed with the tuition our son received from Sue Rees and Sue Chapman over the course of this year. They equipped him with both the knowledge required for the exam and important exam techniques, which together allowed him to go into the 11+ feeling extremely confident. He’s gained important life skills that will serve him in future exams and when faced with other challenges. The steady, little-bit-at-a-time approach meant that he acquired a very strong knowledge base without feeling overwhelmed. Similarly, the mock exams were structured to increasingly resemble the actual test, so that he a chance to gradually become familiar with the set up and work up to the required level. The books used in preparation were also varied (for example, CGP, Bond, Letts, etc.) so he got used to different types of questions. Both Sue Rees and Sue Chapman are professional, personable and communicative, and were very dedicated to making it a positive and successful experience for our son. Many thanks to you both!

Erin Byrne

October 2019

For our reluctant son to end a full day of school and head off to tuition each week without complaint, always returning happy and positive about a further hour and a half’s work was nothing short of a miracle! Despite both my husband and I being teachers, we knew nothing of the process. However, the gradual and comprehensive building of skills and confidence subtly over the year was incredibly well done and reassuring. Whatever the outcome, we are reassured that it gave our son an invaluable boost to his pre-secondary education and confidence. We are very grateful indeed and our younger daughter is very eager to get going on exactly the same path.

Peneli-Jane Grier

October 2019

Many thanks for all your help and support over the last year. I have learned a great about Ava and her capabilities over the last year and more importantly I am much more aware of how Ava learns and also how I can nurture and motivate her when acquiring new skills.

Margaret Timmons

October 2019

My two sons have both received coaching for the 11+ and have loved their classes with Sue. The groups are small and I felt she really understood their individual strengths and areas to work on and supported and motivated them to achieve their best.
It’s a very professionally run company and the mock exams they offer under exam conditions are an invaluable way to put your son or daughter at ease with the whole process. We have already put our daughter’s name down for Sue’s class in 2021! I can’t recommend highly enough.
Best wishes and thanks so much again.

Caroline Martin

October 2019

My daughter was coached by Sue during the summer term of year 5, this being her first experience of private tutoring. Sue spent time working to get her up to speed and to feel at ease with the other students, so she never felt like a new comer or at any disadvantage.
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed with weekly and summer sessions and her academic confidence has rocketed. It was also a great experience for her to meet and learn with other children aside from her friends at school.
Thank you so much again!

Lucy and Nancy

November 2019

If you’re looking for an expert in their field with a wealth of relevant materials, operating a professional business, Sue Chapman is your lady. Our year hasn’t been an easy one however Sue has supported me and helped us navigate our way through comprehensions, synonyms, antonyms and who doesn’t love a shuffled sentence!
I am that parent whose child got upset in a mock exam and had to leave after only doing one of the two papers, fortunately it was a mock and that’s what they are there for. Sue was reassuring and calm, checking in with us later in the day to make sure J was ok.
Thank you, Sue and fingers crossed for March!

Mrs C, Warwick

November 2019

5 Star
I would very highly recommend Sue Chapman’s tuition group. Firstly the team were absolutely lovely to deal with; very knowledgeable and capable. Their style of tutoring works very well. My son attended the tuition sessions and he really enjoyed going. The mock exams were invaluable and all this resulted in my son being extremely prepared and confident when going into his 11plus exam.
The gave him not just excellent tuition, but also exam techniques, timing and practice which were instrumental to him when sitting the exam. The weekly tuition gave him the practice and helped with his knowledge. The weekly homework they set kept up momentum. Then the mock exam not only prepared him for the real thing, but also showed target areas for us to focus on.
I will be sending all of my children to this Tutoring course.

Catriona Xifaras

October 2019

We are really thrilled and want to say a huge thank you for your skill, professionalism and superb organisation. We are so grateful. The whole experience has been smooth, reassuring and non-stressful for our son.

Claire McLarnon

October 2019

My daughter has recently sat her 11+ test and was very calm and relaxed about the whole process. This is in no small part due to the preparation with Sue. Sue has given her the tools needed for not only this but also future exams, techniques I wish I’d learned before my “big” exams as a teenager/adult. She has instilled confidence by making sure the children know what to expect. The mock exams were fantastic practice for the real thing too. I can’t recommend Sue and her team enough. I will definitely be booking my second child in when the time comes.

Liz Appleyard

November 2019

We selected Sue Chapman for our son’s 11+ Tuition following a recommendation from another parent based in Warwickshire. We explained to Sue that we would not be applying for Grammar Schools in Warwickshire, but another County instead and Sue said that was fine, she would still be more than happy to accommodate us as the exam was the same syllabus. Sue spoke to our local Grammar School Consortium and obtained entry pass grades from them, to give us an idea of whether our Mock Test marks would be at the right level to gain us entry, in the reports she produced for us. Sue kept us up to date regarding our son’s progress all the way through and telephoned with results of Mock Tests to discuss these on a 1-2-1 basis with us at regular intervals. Our initial reservations about travelling the 30 mile round trip for tuition each week were dispelled immediately; our son was at ease with Sue from day one and he actually loved going to the lessons which for us was key. Sue had clear, well-honed tuition techniques which our son learned to follow and he appreciated the gentle manner with which she delivered it.
Nearer the date of his test, our son went to Sue’s tuition workshops and mock test sessions in the summer which ultimately helped him conquer his nerves at sitting the actual 11+ exam. Our son enjoyed the summer sessions on offer, meeting up with his tuition friends and got along extremely well with Sue’s husband, who assists her with these. We were struggling with one area of Reasoning and Sue recommended books to assist with this. These helped immensely.
Our dismay came when our local Consortium suddenly decided to change to a catchment area based approach and we weren’t in it! Sue proved a great support to us, advising that we could still apply to Warwickshire from where we lived and ultimately helped us to decide whether or not to continue with our application locally (or indeed pursue 11+ at all).
We have received the results for our son and couldn’t have been more thrilled! We have no doubt that he will be offered a place at Grammar School with his score, none of which would have been possible without Sue Chapman. We would like to say to any prospective parent who is considering Sue for 11+ Tuition that our experience from start to finish has been an extremely positive one and we would highly recommend her services.

Gaynor and Gerard Mercer

November 2019

Sue Chapman tutored my son from September 2018 to May 2019 once a week in a small class at Hatton village hall. My son really enjoyed Sue’s classes which were always very well organised, calm and thought-through. Sue really understands children and the challenges they can face when having additional work set for them, and adapts her approach appropriately. She fully understood when my son had a little wobble and suggested approaches to get us back on track – which worked very well. My son is thriving at school, largely as a result of the additional tuition he received from Sue. He enjoys being on the ‘top table’ for maths and this will put him in excellent stead for secondary school. I am hugely grateful for Sue’s input and education over the past nine months and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Sophie Parker

June 2019

We found the exam a really useful process for identifying the areas that need work and for the recommended resources (not to mention the experience of an exam before the real one). I will definitely use you again when it’s my son’s turn!

Jane Jackson

June 2019

Sue Rees has been incredibly supportive and Ibrahim has gained invaluable confidence within the classroom environment. Ibrahim really enjoyed her tutoring lessons, found her very approachable and thought the maths was fun.

Nadia Savage

July 2019

I would highly recommend Sue Chapman tuition. My son, currently in Year 6, attended Sue’s weekly sessions whilst in year 5 – it helped him both at school and with preparing for his 11 plus test. Sue’s approach to the children is very personable and she keeps parents informed to enable them to help and support their child. My daughter is eager to start in September seeing what a positive experience her big brother had!
Sarah Chislett

May 2019

Charlie Morrison-Jones
March 2019

Excellent prep for the rollercoaster ride that is the 11+. My reluctant 9 year old always came out of lessons with a spring in his step. Thank you Sue!
Aby Hawker

April 2019

I would recommend Sue Chapman’s tuition. I went along to her sessions and it really helped me to get into the school that I wanted to go to. At a lesson there were many great things. Small numbers allow you to (if you need) have more help. They were also very enjoyable and you will never have to be dragged there by your parents. The information was presented very clearly and it was very easy to remember. The mock exams were very useful to your confidence and your understanding of what to do in the real exam room. At the end of the process I was very confident that I could do well.


April 2019

My son, Jake, started having lessons with Sue Chapman in the January of year 5 having previously been with another tutor. From the very first lesson he came out absolutely bursting with enthusiasm having enjoyed the session so much and keen to return again. The lessons were always well organised and the homework clear. The amount of homework was also about right I’d say. It was great that they covered off so many subjects and got a good understanding of all of the areas required for the 11+ exam. The mock exams were also a brilliant experience and ensured that the exam itself wasn’t a daunting task. I booked Sue as soon as Jake had finished for his younger brother!

Amy Shepherd

April 2019

Further Testimonials from Previous Years

I fully recommend Sue Chapman’s excellent tutoring service for the 11 plus. She has prepared a well structured focused course that covers all aspects that are likely to be tested. This includes two mock exams which mimic exactly the test conditions that apply on the real test day. As children are well prepared I think it helps them to feel confident on the day of the actual test. The course is also an excellent source of information for parents and in particular detailed feedback to parents on the progress of their child means that help can be given in the areas where this is most needed. Sue Rees is an excellent teacher. She delivered the weekly course to my son. Sue Chapman’s summer sessions are also really well structured and even though they are in the summer holidays my son would come out smiling!

Louise Dearling

October 2018

Sue Chapman runs a highly professional tutoring business that fully supports both pupils and parents. I particularly valued the information evening on the 11 plus process and detailed feedback from the mock exams. My daughter had tuition from Sue Rees who really helped her grow in confidence and develop her skills. Together, they made the challenge of the 11 plus much easier!

Lisa Inkpen

September 2018

Sue has a brilliant understanding of the 11+ exam & its many requirements. Expertly preparing our children for the exam throughout the year by tutoring in small groups with tailored work for their needs, building confidence and learning lifelong exam techniques along with looking after the many varied questions us parents have about the whole confusing 11+ process. Invaluable support along the whole year. 

Kate Higton

October 2018

With the guidance and support of both Sue Chapman and Sue Rees my daughter managed to gain a place at Stratford Girls Grammar School.  Sue’s erudite knowledge in the preparation of pupils for the 11+ examination is second to none.  Highly recommended.

Dean Evans

October 2018

Sue prepared my daughter thoroughly for the rigours of the 11+, and most importantly, taught within a supportive and positive learning environment. My daughter really looked forward to the sessions and Sue would always go through anything she found difficult and reinforce key learning points. She significantly helped to build my daughter’s confidence in all aspects of herself as a learner, so that by the time of the 11+, my daughter had a real sense of self-belief. Sue ensures her students are equipped with the exam skills, the knowledge and plenty of practice to be able to do their very best on the day. We were thrilled that my daughter performed so well and secured a place at SGGS. We couldn’t have done it without Sue’s huge input!

Jayne Neal

October 2018

The tuition my eldest son received from Sue Chapman and Sue Rees this past year has been invaluable, his confidence has soared and he feels totally prepared for his move to secondary school now. The format for Sue’s lessons works so well and the homework is really well laid out and easily managed even if your child has a busy after school schedule as all the tasks set take no more than 20 minutes each so can be fit in between other things over the course of the week. I can’t thank Sue and Sue enough and we are really looking forward to our younger son joining the classes next year too.

Eve-Marie Beasley

October 2018

Sue Chapman is the go-to tutor for 11+. She is very experienced, has up to the minute information and tailors her tuition to achieve the highest results. Children respond well to her kind and encouraging manner and are motivated to keep on trying. We would not have achieved our successful grammar School places without her help, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sonal Sonecha

October 2018

I cannot recommend Sue’s tuition highly enough. She challenges children but also really cares for their wellbeing, getting the tricky tightrope of 11+ preparation just right. Our son absolutely thrived from Sue’s classes, his school work really picked up too. Preparing your child for exams can be a daunting process but we are really glad we chose Sue.

Jennie Morrison

September 2018

Sue is an experienced 11+ teacher and has taught two of my daughters (one more to go!). She instilled an enthusiasm to learn and from a parent perspective the 11+ trauma is so much easier if you follow her programme. Thank you so much Sue.

Kate Marshall

September 2018

My name is Rohan Rajathurai. I started my 11+ exam tutoring right at the start of year 5 – which gave me 10 months of weekly learning (that took me to July). Furthermore, we had workbooks and lessons at certain points in the Summer Holidays. More importantly, the 11+ questions were not incredibly difficult, in fact it is more about understanding the questions. Sue Chapman’s tutoring showed me the full range of questions and taught me how to deal with them.  Finally, we took many mock exams which were under test conditions and showed us how to time each question for maximum efficiency.

Also, it opened to us what we needed to work on and what we were comfortable with. In conclusion, Sue Chapman’s tutoring is incredible and necessary with the competition around. The lessons were fun and friendly and now that I have finished them, I am missing the working environment. I would recommend tutoring from Sue to anyone wanting to take the 11+ exam.

Rohan Rajathurai - Age 10

March 2018

I liked going to tutoring at Sue Chapman because the work was challenging but achievable, and it helped me get into the Grammar School I wanted. Sue is also a very nice lady to be working with and she helps everyone out in the group.

Joel, Age 10

March 2018

The practice exams were totally invaluable. These were proper mock exams in a school hall and provided valuable experience. They allowed my daughter to get acquainted with the exam set up well ahead of time and to get over any fear of the exam itself. The feedback from Sue was so detailed, we could focus on the areas needed during the summer. As a result, my daughter was offered a place at King’s High School for Girls back in November as well as SGGS.

Nicky Sellar

March 2018

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time doing 11+ tuition with Sue Chapman. She was always keen to attend her lessons and enjoyed the opportunity to learn in a small group. The outstanding level of tuition she received contributed highly to my daughter’s accomplishment. With mock exams, assessments throughout the year and equipped with the techniques learnt from lessons, it helped prepare for the actual exam with confidence. I can proudly say that my daughter has been offered a place at her first choice Grammar School. My younger daughter is already booked tutoring with Sue this September and I have full confidence will be successful at the 11+ exam. I would highly recommend Sue to parents with children preparing for the 11+ entrance exam. Thank you very much for all her help and guidance.   

Peggy Chan

March 2018

It was clear from the first few weeks that Sue‘s understanding of children as individuals and what motivates them was having a positive impact on George’s learning. He really enjoyed the classes and he could see his own improvement. George’s confidence grew throughout the year and furthermore his confidence has continued to build into Year 6 where he is performing at a higher level than in years gone by. The mock exams were invaluable and really made a difference in preparing for the test itself and reducing some of that exam-day stress. Sue also provided guidance for parents on the 11+ procedures and results, which was very helpful as it’s by no means an intuitive process. Thanks to Sue’s tuition George exceeded our expectations, achieved a fabulous score in the 11+ and has now been offered a place at KES.

Tom Bell

March 2018

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed going to Sue Rees tutor sessions each week. She has a lovely way with the children, motivating and encouraging them the whole time. Keep up the great work!

Alex Clule

March 2018

Thanks Sue – you have been so good, Alice has enjoyed every lesson and I appreciate you boosting her confidence because it is so key when it comes to learning and also sitting through the tests.

Linda Samuelsson

September 2017

Sue has successfully tutored both our children though the 11+ exam now. She prepared them both to the best of their abilities through her thorough knowledge of the exam and process, tailored group sessions, well-structured homework and regular mock tests. Both our children enjoyed her sessions and found her friendly and approachable. For the parents she is always willing to provide honest feedback and advice at every stage of the process.

Louise and Adrian Clarke

April 2017

When I embarked upon 11+ tutoring I had no expectation that my son would be of Grammar School standard. Indeed, quite the opposite and I started tutoring in order to help him with speed and exam technique with a view to sit entrance examinations to an Independent School.  Right from the start Sue assesses her tutees in a very clear and transparent way. This continues throughout the year. Not only does it rank your child within her particular cohort of children but it compares them to previous cohorts with the knowledge of whether or not they achieved Grammar School places. This was hugely helpful and meant that we had a very clear idea right from the start whether our son was Grammar school material or not. I was also concerned about having extra homework to do given that we already had some set from school plus sport and a good deal of music practice! I need not have worried. We had around 40-50 minutes a week which was easily completed in one sitting on a Saturday morning.  Over the summer we just adopted a little and often policy. Sue is so clear in showing you the areas your child needs to work on and what materials to use that it is very easy to adopt an effective working method that does not take over your life. She allowed us to see that our son was of Grammar School Standard and indeed he got a place in his first choice of Grammar school. If it had not been for Sue, I probably would never have even sat him for the 11+.

Sarah Feaver

April 2017

I approached Sue because I had heard from others how difficult the eleven plus could be and felt my daughter would benefit from some preparation prior to taking it. Sue was very supportive throughout the time my daughter was working with her, and very knowledgeable regarding the exam itself. My daughter got on very well with Sue and enjoyed going to her classes; not only did she pass the eleven plus and got a place at our first choice of school, but the tutoring also significantly improved my daughter’s performance in maths and her attitude towards doing it. We found the whole experience very rewarding; I have already booked my younger daughter in for tutoring with Sue, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to other parents.

Hannah Morley-Brown

March 2017

Sue’s excellent 11+ classes helped my daughter to get a place at grammar school. She was extremely thorough, kept us up to date with current practices and provided top quality advice and guidance throughout. Her mock exams gave my daughter the confidence to perform well in the formal exam environment. Highly recommended.

Linda Scannell

March 2016

Sue Chapman offered a well-structured and supportive setting for my son; her teaching experience was invaluable getting him, and me, through the 11+ experience. She has a wonderful attitude towards the children, which created a mutually respectful learning environment.  Very successful all round!

Ria Porter

March 2016

Sue balances the group tutoring and treating each child as an individual amazingly well.  She helped to motivate our daughter to work more effectively, believe in her own abilities and enjoy the learning!

Ruth Holmes

March 2016

Our son James has just been offered a place at Alcester Grammar School and we are so delighted. He started Sue’s 11+ group tuition sessions at the start of year 5 and although he is quite shy, he very much enjoyed his tutorials, and made some new friends. We all found Sue’s patience, calm and vast experience a real reassurance. By the time the exam date came around James felt thoroughly prepared and remarkably calm! I would heartily recommend Sue for 11+ preparation, and we have already signed our next child up to start this coming September.

Dr Vicky Wallace

March 2016

My daughter looked forward to her weekly tuition sessions, finding them stimulating and enjoyable.  Sue’s clear, organised and helpful approach to the subject areas enabled my daughter to learn new skills and to gain confidence tackling unfamiliar, challenging material. The year was well structured – extending and expanding skills in literacy and numeracy – while also offering practical, tactical exam advice. Sue offers excellent training for the 11 plus and, equally importantly, enhances education across year 5.

Dr Catherine Constable

March 2016

Sue’s lessons were invaluable for helping Thomas with the 11+ preparation. He really enjoyed the group lessons and Sue prepared the children very well for the test, covering all the subjects in depth. Having the mock tests really helped as when Thomas sat the 11+ exam he wasn’t fazed at all and knew what to expect. We were delighted with Thomas’ results and the whole experience with Sue was a positive one.

Ros Jarrett

March 2016

The decision to embark upon 11 plus tutoring is a tough one when you appreciate the time and commitment required by both child and parents.  However, our decision to engage Sue Chapman was easy. She came very highly recommended from several families and we were delighted with our decision from the outset. In addition to being a creative and intuitive teacher of children, Sue communicates clearly and honestly with parents. Our daughter, whilst finding the homework tough going, always left Sue’s classroom with a smile, saying that she had had fun!

From a parents’ perspective Sue tempered what can be a brutal, results driven process with compassion and a genuine kindness toward our daughter, who secured a grammar school place…. thanks Sue!  Any child in need of additional academic support … 11 plus or not, would benefit from Sue’s academic input and infectious enthusiasm.

Joe Hassall

March 2016

Sue has a tailor-made approach to the needs of each individual child. She built our daughter’s confidence up step by step by focusing on areas that she needed to improve. We could contact her anytime we needed to ask for her advice, even down to techniques about calming her down prior to the test. Our daughter has got into her first-choice grammar school and Sue played an important role in her future. Thank you Sue 🙂

Fatma and David McGee

March 2015

The regular feedback was insightful; Sue is truly approachable and very happy to chat about progress in a professional and caring manner. Sue’s teaching supports the school curriculum, the group setting enables relaxed learning and we found the focus on techniques invaluable for the 11+.  It is with pride our daughter accepted her grammar school offer and she is excited about starting her new school. We are very grateful to Sue for her help.

Katie Hodgson

March 2015

We found Sue’s eleven tuition invaluable for our son. She was particularly good at assessing his strengths and weaknesses and setting appropriate work for him. The mock tests in exam conditions gave him good exam practice, which meant on the day of his exam he was fully prepared. When our son started his eleven plus tuition, he was strong at Maths but after a year he was excellent in all three areas. He really benefited from the working in a small group size, getting lots of one to one help but also having healthy competition to encourage him along. We would thoroughly recommend Sue Chapman as a tutor.

Preston Family

March 2015

We were not sure if our son had the academic skills to successfully complete the 11+ but we enrolled him in Sue’s class prepared to withdraw him if the work became overwhelming. Despite some tough challenges, he managed to handle the work and enjoyed the classes. This was due to Sue’s constant encouragement and excellent teaching methods.  He has just been offered a place in a Grammar School. We are very grateful to Sue for making this possible.

Alan Barrett

March 2015


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