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GL 11+ Test Information

"Sue has guided us expertly through the 11+ process for our two boys. We would highly recommend Sue Chapman Tuition to support those aiming to secure a place at grammar school."

Mr F – March 2022

Please note that from the academic year 2022-2023 our 11+ mock exams will only be available as an integral part of our Y5 Tuition programmes ie. they can no longer be booked individually.

 “Thanks to you, Sue and Cathryn for all your help, it’s been a great course which, as I think you said to me before, helps with general learning and progress whether he passes the test or not. We do feel he has benefitted greatly from the additional tutoring and exam experience whatever happens.  I’m sure we will be in touch again in a few years when it’s our daughter’s turn!!”

Amy – March 2022


March 2022

The Warwickshire 11+ Test

The GL 11+ is comprised of two test papers.

Each paper takes around 60 minutes to administer as instructions are given and examples are explained between each section. Instructions for the test are played from a CD.

Sue Chapman Tuition offers 11+Mock Exams in Warwickshire to help prepare your child for this test.

Becky is a wonderful teacher – knowledgeable, kind and enthusiastic, and we feel she already really knows our daughter. The work gives our daughter just the right level of enjoyment and challenge, complementing her everyday school work, and we’re very glad we signed up – highly recommended.

Belinda Hay

January 2023

What’s In The GL 11+ Test?

English and Verbal Reasoning

English includes reading comprehension, sentence completion passages and proofreading for spelling and punctuation errors. Reading comprehension tests a child’s ability to make inferences, understand vocabulary and extract accurate interpretations of the text. Sentence completion tests are passages which contain missing words.  Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text.

The verbal reasoning section involves the manipulation of vocabulary, codes, sequences and logic techniques and the solving of verbally presented problems.  A rich vocabulary is essential alongside an understanding of specific techniques.


11+ Maths covers a wide variety of maths topics which are generally taught in Key Stage 2.  It includes a mixture of longer maths, shorter maths and data processing questions.  These will assess your child’s ability in mental arithmetic as well as problem solving within a multiple-choice question format.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning assesses intelligence through the manipulation of shapes using rotation, reflection, symmetry, shape, positions number, size, and shading.  It is meant to eliminate cultural bias in testing and possible bias against any child who may have difficulty with verbal elements.

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